This was taken from near the middle looking toward the back wall. The ceiling is 25 feet tall at that point. I am leaning on the initial fabrication of the steel structure of "The Nest". It stands on a large motorized turntable, which has a remote control unit so I can rotate the sculpture from my working platform on the forklift. To my right you can see the edge of my 4x8 steel welding table, which also houses the MIG welder and plasma cutter. The big TIG welder is on the other side of that table. One of three chain hoists is visible hanging from my rolling overhead crane. Behind me is the sandblaster, patina area, wax pouring, and mold areas. The white box to my left is a large clay oven.


This view is the opposite of the top picture. "The Nest" is in the foreground with some of its interior structure revealed. The rolling crane is on the right. The overhead door is in the background, as is my office. There are no windows, no distractions.


This really cluttered view is from the overhead door, looking to the back. There's an eagle in the background